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Why a Senior Move Manager?

What is Senior Move Management and why should I hire a Senior Move Manager?

During the past two decades, increasing attention has been paid to Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) or Transfer Trauma. RSS is a formal nursing diagnosis defined as a combination of physiologic and psychological disturbances as a result of transfer from one environment to another.

Symptoms of Relocation Stress Syndrome include exhaustion; sleep disturbance, anxiety, financial strain, grief and loss, depression and disorientation. In older people, these symptoms are exacerbated by dementia, mild cognitive impairment, poor physical health, frailty, lack of support systems and sensory impairment. In this group, in particular, the resulting confusion, depression and agitation have led to increased falls, weight loss and self-care deficits.

Although initial studies on RSS focused on outcomes of individuals moved into nursing and assisted living facilities, it is now generally understood that RSS can affect those who have chosen to move, been involuntarily relocated, or been placed in a care facility for mental or medical needs.

The Core Principles of Senior Move Management reduce the incidence of Relocation Stress Syndrome and help clients thrive, both physically and emotionally, in their new environment.

Why not just use a moving company rather than a senior move manager?

A question frequently asked during the home visit is how packing by Senior Move Managers compares in cost with packing by movers. Movers are often paid by the piece — €X per small carton packed, €Y per dish carton packed, etc., so there is considerable incentive to pack quickly and to use as many cartons as possible. Senior Move Managers, on the other hand, pack to unpack. They use careful labeling, so cartons are placed in the right rooms at the unpack, resulting in a smoother move day. They take digital photographs so they can recreate the environment at the new home. They unpack and put everything away, so the client feels settled from the very first day.

They work sensitively with the client at the clients keeping in mind that this is an overwhelming step for the client.

We help move memories!

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