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Janus Moves

Janus Moves

Only people who have trained with NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers of America) can call themselves a Senior Move Manager. I am Ireland’s first senior move manager. My background is in nursing so I have lots of experience in working with older people. As a NASSM senior move manager and ‘Age in place Specialist” I have undertaken courses in safety, ethics and accountability, Communication Matters, Memory and Forgettery, Dementia and Cognitive Disorders, Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding, Ageing in Place.

Who are these services for?

  • Seniors who have decided the time has come to transition to a new living situation.
  • Adult children assisting their parents with the move process.
  • Family members dealing with the loss of a loved one and need to clean out the home.
  • Busy professionals who lack the time to personally oversee the moving process.
  • Empty nesters who are tackling the downsizing process and need some assistance.
  • Divorce assortment for those who are trying to set up two new homes and need assistance.

Janus Moves

Age in Place

As an age in place specialist WE CAN sort and organise or declutter items accumulated throughout the years. Adapt to changes such as mobility issues by reorganising and restructuring spaces to provide easier reach and use of household items resulting in a safer space to move around.

Project manage a team to carry out any of the modifications required leaving it stress free for the client. Assist with structuring daily activities, appointments and communication between care providers and/or family.


  • People being discharged from hospital for whom an accident or a sudden diagnosis has resulted in special needs that might be long or short term.

  • No urgent needs. People who don’t yet need home modification but it is likely they will need it in the future.
  • Progressive illness , neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis that require modifications to enable the client to age in place.

  • People who are in good health and are planning for their senior years and want to be prepared in case a health crises forces a decision.


We want to simplify all the steps necessary for you to reach your destination

  • Sorting and organising.
  • Facilitating additional services such as moving, donating, furniture sales, recycling.
  • Downsizing, packing and unpacking.
  • Shopping for new furniture if required for the new home.

On move day coordinating all the move and getting the house ready for the first night to sleep there with all beds made, pictures hung etc. When you are moving from your home or choosing to age-in-place, Janus can assist you from start to finish or any place in between.

Janus Moves

Estate Dispersal Services

Janus estates offers assistance to families, executors or estate trustees who are looking for help with organising, clearing out, managing or downsizing an estate to prepare a home for sale. We can work with a family to divide assets fairly and without dividing the family.

How We Assist

  • Assist with all the details of cleaning out the home
  • Arrange for donation and / or resale of items
  • Arrange shipment of items to family members

Compassionate Dispersal Services

We are also able to assist in the clear out of a loved ones home with compassion.

How it Works

Working with a Senior Move Manager can make a later life move a more positive experience. Every client is different – we work at their pace and tackle the issues important to them, whether it is a full scale move or aging in place. We place great importance on enabling the person moving home to remain in control of their move and the decisions made. Once we have an understanding of the client’s needs we will develop a bespoke plan of support to make the move happen.

The first step begins with making the call to us.

Home Visit

Ideally we like to schedule a home visit to walk through the house and your memories with you. We will wear PPE or if you prefer we can do a zoom call. We establish what time frame we have to work within and what your needs are. We assess any physical limitations that you have. Moving decades of memories is overwhelming at times and we provide emotional support working at the clients pace.


– Create a floor plan of furniture arrangement for your new home
– Help you find a suitable moving company and coordinate all aspects of the move


– Assist you with sorting, organizing and downsizing
– Arrange for donation and/ or resale of items
– Manage document shredding
– Shop for items needed for the new home
– Pack your belongings
– Arrange shipments of items to family members

Moving Day

– Manage the move
– Place furniture according to prearranged floor plan
– Unpack and organize items in your new home
– Reconnect electronics and hang pictures

Settling In

Resettling in the new home including transfer of all utilities, getting the best rates, change of address to GP, Hospital, dentist, redirection of post etc. Support to ensure the safe and secure disposal of old financial and personal documents. Preparation and staging of the old home for sale. Marketing and selling of the old home or working with an agent to achieve a best price.

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