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Moving in the Right Direction

Over the last few weeks when we have all been confined to home, we have had more time to think about our home and if it works well for us. Is the house meeting my physical and social needs? Maybe we realise that we don’t use all the rooms in our house. It is just too big. Have we the energy or interest to clean or dust? How much of our family budget goes on maintenance or heating? Is the garden too large? Is there potential to create a new smaller home in the garden of the original home and stay in the same community?

There is no “right time to move”. There comes a time when staying in their current home is no longer a safe or a wise choice for some seniors .The transition is a lot easier to make when you can make your own choices and have the energy and good health to do it, and the time to enjoy the new space and the new area. Seniors are often reluctant to make a move, citing fear of change and the unknown. Typically people who have moved from their home to a smaller more “age friendly” home report satisfaction with their living arrangements. Moving home at any stage in life is considered a stressful event.

When it is time to adjust – Rightsize

“Rightsizing” your home later in life can be a daunting prospect of dealing with years of possessions and the challenges of health and reduced energy later in life. Moving is not easy. Where do I start? What do I do with all my “stuff”? It is time consuming and can be physically and emotionally exhausting. As a senior move manager I work with the client and family to take the “overwhelm out of moving” I help them identify their goals, maybe it’s to clear a path through their living room for a wheelchair, downsize or sell the house/ prepare it for sale. A senior move manager works with a client and their family to provide a stress-free and smooth transition from one home to another working to the client’s individual needs in a safe and productive manner.

Family members are not always available to help and a senior move manager will be able to handle all aspects of downsizing, packing, moving and getting you set up in your new home stress free. I have a background in nursing for over 30 years and I am a licenced property service provider. I see my job as a senior move manager as a service to help take the overwhelm out of a move and to guide you in the right direction and get you started even if it’s just to start by clearing one drawer!

If you would like a 1 hour free consultation about the best options for you I am happy to discuss the options. I can be contacted at 0868564659 or

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